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Since 2013, I have helped over 12,000 clients globally to confidently step into their power to be happy.


Despite a highly successful 30-year career in the financial industry, as single mother to Luca, I have faced significant challenges and adversity including job losses, depression, divorce and trauma. After years of feeling down, full of dark thoughts, complaints, pessimism, I felt I had little control over my internal and external life experience. 


In 2012, following my divorce, I realised I often felt helpless, hopeless and worthless and knew the time had come to change.

Embarking on a personal mission to turn things around, I learnt strategies and practical tools that would radically transform my life, relationships and career from the inside out.


Through my own personal transformation, I realised my calling as empowerer and trained as a master transformational coach, NLP practitioner and mindset trainer. 


I trained with the best coaching schools in Italy to gain my master in coaching and master practitioner certification in NLP. I am also a trained counsellor.  


Of German/Dutch heritage, I have lived in different parts of the world from Hamburg, London and Paris to Milan, where I have been based for the past 22 years. In my role as empowerer, I work globally with individual and corporate clients in both English and Italian. 


Today, I am on a worldwide mission to empower others to unlock their personal power, realise their true potential and transform their relationships, career, lives.


My motto? BE THE KEY. Because YOU are the key to unlock all that you truly desire and deserve and open the doors to a future you have barely dared dream of.

Who am I?

Anja J. Cucinotta
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